FDA: Keys to exporting to the U.S.A.

FDA: Claves para exportar a EE.UU.

  FDA , the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is the government agency responsible for overseeing the regulation of food, human and animal drugs, cosmetic products, medical biologics (including blood derivatives) and vaccines, among others.   FDA Functions The FDA’s responsibilities are as follows:   Safeguard public health in the United States through oversight of […]

Port Services by IPSS

In the world of shipping, efficiency and accuracy are crucial to success. IPSS offers a complete range of solutions designed to meet the needs of any maritime operation. With a presence throughout Spain, IPSS is committed to providing a high quality service that ensures efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction. Below, we explore the various services […]

Packing List Optimize your Export Operations

In the complex world of international trade, every detail counts. From the preparation of the goods to their delivery at destination, each step must be carefully planned and executed to ensure the success of the operation. In this sense, a fundamental tool that plays a crucial role in the export process is the packing list. […]

Customs tariffs. What they are and what they are used for

Customs tariffs

Customs tariffs. What they are and what they are used for The flow of goods across international borders involves compliance with tariffs, taxes that give advantages to local products and generate revenue for governments. Customs duties, essential in international logistics, are taxes paid when importing or exporting goods. What are customs duties and their main […]

Origin Certificate: Pillar of Global Logistics

In the world of international trade, the Certificate of Origin emerges as an indispensable document, being a fundamental element in logistics operations. In this analysis, we will delve into its nature, typologies, functions and procurement processes, illustrating its irreplaceable role in the global supply chain.   The Importance of the Origin Certificate In the highly […]

Integral Logistics in a Digital World

Logística Integral

Integral logistics stands out as an essential strategy in a business environment where efficiency and speed are imperative for success. This holistic approach is not just limited to optimising the transportation and distribution of products, but encompasses the entire spectrum from supply chain management to final delivery to the customer, integrating processes, technology and human […]

Sustainable Distribution in Cádiz

At International Ports and Shipping Services, we are committed to the sustainable distribution of beverages in the Cadiz region. Over the past three months or so, we have established a partnership with one of the leading distributors in the area to carry out this important work. In this article, we will explore how we have […]

Break Bulk: An Efficient Solution

Break Bulk en INTPSS: Vaporizador para burque de LNG

Break bulk transport represents a system of transporting goods in separate pieces rather than in conventional containers. This approach is especially useful for large and heavy individual items, such as construction equipment, oil and gas machinery, pipelines, ships, turbine blades, ship propellers, generators, large engines and steel parts. How Break Bulk Transport Works Break bulk […]

Reparaciones de buques: Ensuring Uninterrupted Operations

Reparaciones de buques: garantizar operaciones ininterrumpidas. Los buques, al ser vehículos complejos, exigen mantenimiento y reparaciones constantes cuando surgen problemas. Estas reparaciones pueden variar desde simples tareas de mantenimiento hasta intervenciones importantes que requieren habilidades y herramientas especializadas. A continuación, exploraremos los tipos de reparaciones más comunes que las embarcaciones pueden necesitar. Mantenimiento técnico y […]

Attacks in the Red Sea impact on Trade Routes

In today’s complex maritime trade landscape, the attacks in the Red Sea, perpetrated by the Houthis, have significantly disrupted trade routes, especially around the Suez Canal. This article will examine the consequences of the attacks and how they are affecting shipping, along with logistical strategies to mitigate the challenges posed. Challenges to Maritime Trade Routes: […]