Sustainable Distribution in Cádiz

At International Ports and Shipping Services, we are committed to the sustainable distribution of beverages in the Cadiz region. Over the past three months or so, we have established a partnership with one of the leading distributors in the area to carry out this important work.

In this article, we will explore how we have implemented sustainable practices in our logistics operation, focusing on reducing the carbon footprint and decarbonising our activities.



Creating a Centralised Hub in Cadiz

In collaboration with leading brands such as Cruzcampo and Heineken, we have established a centralised Hub in our strategically located warehouses in Cadiz. This initiative allows us to optimise the distribution of beverages in the city and its metropolitan area, guaranteeing an efficient and sustainable service for our customers and the community at large.


Hundred Percent Electric Vehicles: Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

One of the cornerstones of our sustainable distribution strategy is the exclusive use of 100% electric vehicles. These vehicles do not emit polluting gases or contribute to noise pollution, making them an ideal option for reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment in the city of Cadiz.


Commitment to Decarbonisation and Sustainability

In line with the goals of decarbonisation and sustainability, our collaboration with our distribution partners is based on shared values of environmental and social responsibility. We are constantly looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment, both in terms of carbon emissions and waste management.

Partnership: Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable beverage distribution in Cadiz is the result of a joint effort between International Ports and Shipping Services, our partner brands and our customers. This collaborative model demonstrates that, by working together, we can make a significant positive impact on our community and the planet.

Benefits of Sustainable Distribution

In addition to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner environment, sustainable beverage distribution in Cadiz offers a number of tangible benefits. These include:

Energy Efficiency

Electric vehicles are more efficient in terms of energy consumption compared to internal combustion vehicles, allowing us to optimise our resources and reduce operating costs.

Improving Air Quality

By eliminating exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles, we contribute to improving air quality in the city, which has direct benefits for public health and community well-being.

Brand image

Our sustainable distribution initiative reinforces our brand image as a company committed to social and environmental responsibility, which can generate loyalty and preference among our customers and stakeholders.



In summary, sustainable beverage distribution in Cadiz is an example of how companies can implement responsible environmental practices in their logistics operations. From the use of electric vehicles to working with distribution partners committed to sustainability, we are demonstrating our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all. We will continue to work closely with our stakeholders to drive innovation and promote positive change in our community and the world.