Port Services by IPSS

In the world of shipping, efficiency and accuracy are crucial to success. IPSS offers a complete range of solutions designed to meet the needs of any maritime operation.

With a presence throughout Spain, IPSS is committed to providing a high quality service that ensures efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction.

Below, we explore the various services we offer:

Port Management

Port management is a critical aspect of maritime operations, and at IPSS, we specialize in optimizing all aspects of port management. From space planning and berthing scheduling to service coordination and resource management, our comprehensive approach ensures that every operation is executed with maximum efficiency.

Our commitment to excellence in port management not only improves port operations, but also contributes to our customers’ satisfaction.

Servicios Porrtuarios


At IPSS, we understand the importance of a reliable consignee. We act as the shipowner’s representative at the port, managing all the ship’s needs during its stay. From coordinating with port authorities to arranging loading and discharge, our team ensures that all operations run smoothly.

Our experience and local knowledge allow us to anticipate and resolve problems before they arise, providing our clients with the peace of mind that their vessel is in safe hands.

Vessel Docking

At IPSS, we offer a complete ship berthing service among our wide range of port services. Our team of experts ensures that each vessel is safely and efficiently guided and moored in port, following best practices and the specific instructions of the vessel’s captain.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure a smooth operation, minimizing waiting times and optimizing the use of port space. With our berthing service, INTPSS is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet our clients’ needs and ensure safety and efficiency in all port operations.

Ship provisioning

Provisioning a vessel is an essential task to ensure that all necessary resources are available for a successful sea voyage. Inadequate management in this area can cause serious problems. At IPSS, we ensure that we supply everything a ship may need during its call.

In addition to accurate calculation and forecasting of food requirements, we focus on proper handling and safe storage during the voyage to prevent the occurrence of pathogens. We strictly comply with current regulations to ensure the quality and safety of the products supplied, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction and well-being of the crew.


A well-managed crew is key to the efficient operation of any vessel.

We offer complete crew management services including recruitment, training and logistics for maritime personnel. We ensure that each crew member is properly qualified and prepared to perform their duties, providing continuous support throughout the vessel’s time in port.

Port logistics

Logistics is an essential component of our port operations. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions ranging from freight planning and coordination to inventory management and distribution.

Our network of contacts and industry expertise enable us to offer efficient and customized logistics services that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. We strive to optimize every step of the logistics process, ensuring timely and safe delivery of all goods.

Servicios Portuarios

Hiring of moorings, tugboats, pilots/practices

At IPSS, we offer a comprehensive service for the recruitment of moorings, tugs and pilots/practitioners, ensuring efficient and safe port operations.

Our team handles the hiring of

– Moorers to accurately secure vessels to the quay

– Tugs available to assist in complex maneuvers, ensuring safe docking and undocking.

– Highly trained pilots/practitioners who provide the guidance and local knowledge necessary for the safe navigation of vessels within the port.

With these services, INTpss is committed to optimizing every aspect of port operations, ensuring quality and safety at every stage of the process.

Cargo handling services

The activities included in this port service cover a series of essential operations for the management of goods in the field of maritime traffic. This includes stevedoring, which is defined as the handling of cargo, its proper storage on the vessel, unstowage, considering the subsequent removal of the stored cargo, as well as unloading and transshipment. These tasks enable the efficient transfer of goods between ships, as well as between ships and land, or any other available means of transport.

Ship-generated waste reception services

The port marine waste management service comprises the collection, storage, sorting and initial treatment of the waste produced by vessels in the area. This is followed by transfer to a treatment facility authorized by the competent authority.

The aforementioned category of liquid waste, which is generated by ships, includes all wastewater other than cargo.

Servicios Portuarios

The Port of Algeciras Bay, where we have one of our offices, stands out as the main leader among Spanish ports in the collection of maritime waste.

Presence throughout Spain

One of the major benefits of choosing IPSS is our extensive presence in all the ports of Spain. This allows us to offer a consistent, high-quality service in any location, facilitating our customers’ operations no matter where they are located. Our in-depth knowledge of Spanish ports and our strong relationships with local authorities allow us to anticipate and overcome any operational challenges, ensuring that every operation runs smoothly.

Ultimately, port services play a key role in the functioning of maritime operations worldwide. From port management and ship docking to specialized staffing and logistics, we are committed to providing efficient and safe solutions that optimize every maritime operation.

Our dedication to excellence and our extensive in-country presence position us as a reliable and valued partner in the port sector. With INTpss, you can rest assured that your port needs are in the best hands.